So, you need a writer.

Your tech or health business has a story to tell. A message to share. An angle that reels in the right people, and compels them to join your tribe. To click. To buy. And to stick around.

But you’re busy. 

You simply don’t have the time or resources to re-vamp your website. Or write white papers. Or craft sparkling blog posts.

You need help.

From a switched-on, savvy writer who can get to the heart of your (or your client’s) tech or health business. And then turn it into clear, compelling copy that gets noticed.

Yoo-hoo, over here!

I know your niche. And while I work fast, I take the time to get to know you and your audience. Asking the right questions, and unearthing the right info. So we can tell your unique story – and smash your marketing goals.

I’m also plug-and-play. That means I’ll take care of your copy project, from brief to sign off. So you can get back to business – and anticipate word-perfect, on-brand content.

My clients say they can always rely on me, knowing I’ll get their writing wrapped. On time. On budget. And always with a smile.

Who, me?

After more than 13 years copywriting for clients, collaborating with agencies, chasing stories in newsrooms, and tinkering with marketing strategy, I know what words work. What makes a good story. What excites and delights, educates and informs, convinces and converts.

Simply, I know what sells.

Let’s talk


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